Free Time Card Calculator Timesheet Calculator Calculate Timecard Hours
Free Time Card Calculator Timesheet Calculator Calculate Timecard Hours
Free Time Card Calculator And Timesheet Calculator

Sometimes, time card templates include lunch breaks too. With timesheet software, time reporting is easier than ever. If you have a business with multiple locations, tracking the total hours worked across the locations is critical to make sure you calculate employee overtime pay correctly. Using a timesheet software app, a timesheet template, Free Time Card Calculator And Timesheet Calculator and an online timesheet calculator also unlocks a bevy of reporting options. You can get a report of who’s arrived on time for their shifts most frequently in a given pay period or how labor costs stack up against sales. Our employee time clock calculator automatically does time clock conversion from hours and minutes to decimal time.

They also show workers are being paid according to their classification. Not paying the federal minimum wage or overtime to eligible employees puts you at risk of a labor law violation. As you’re calculating employee time cards, look out for these common issues. Set the timesheet to show only the working week or the weekend as well Switch to bi-weekly if you submit timesheets once every two weeks. Then, you choose how to deduct break time from the total hours.

Who can use a time card calculator?

For each employee, select the type of time card and the number of days in their week. Use the weekly time card to see one week of time entries. Or use the bi-weekly time card to see two weeks of time entries. With the Everhour timesheets, you will get detailed reports on each employee’s working and non-working hours and will be able to accurately estimate the working time you need to pay for. The timesheet will display all the overtime hours worked and overtime payment in the section below the table with weekdays. Time clock calculators can help the employer in processing payrolls by accurately calculating the pay for the worked hours while discounting non-productive/break time.

  • On top of that, it’s a simply customizable time card calculator that goes in a convenient format of weekly or bi-weekly timesheets.
  • Use this calculator to add up your work week time sheet and calculate work hours for payroll.
  • An online time clock and online time clock calculator will work together as sort of high-tech business partners.
  • Can you pleeeeeeease help me with a excell template for my boss.
  • Learn how Replicon helps to accurately capture employee time for your modern workforce.

You can simply calculate an employee’s payment rate by entering its value into the Hourly rate field and specifying the currency type in the Currency field. The time card will automatically calculate the sum in the Total gross pay and will also reveal overtime payment and double overtime payment rates. Traditional time cards require manual entry of time. An advanced time tracking solution can automatically harvest employee time and present a pre-filled timesheet for employees to review. Non-exempt employees are employees that are entitled to minimum wage as well as overtime pay under the FLSA. Employers are also required to pay these workers an overtime rate of 1.5 times their standard rate when they work more than 40 hours per workweek.


Please select and "Clear" any data records you no longer need. You can also select how you wish the calculator to display time totals. If there is a special exception, it may be necessary to enter overtime manually instead of using the formulas. If that is the case, then just copy the cells under the Sick column and paste them into the Overtime column and enter the overtime hours manually. To calculate a salary, multiply the employee’s weekly pay by 52 to determine how much they would make annually. If your employees are paid bi-weekly, multiply the bi-weekly amount by 26.

Free Time Card Calculator And Timesheet Calculator

A timesheet calculator, also known as a time card calculator, is a tool that helps managers, business owners, and employees by calculating the total number of hours worked for every staff member. Then just use the rows of fields to enter the start and end times and the total amount of breaks . If you get paid extra for overtime, select the corresponding overtime scheme and enter the pay rate ratio in the time sheet calculator. 1.5 overtime pay means that you get 50% higher hourly rate for overtime hours, compared to regular hours. A time card allows you to have in order all the days and hours you have worked during a period of time. It essentially contains all the times when you started, paused, or stopped working.

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If you're looking for a more polished and enhanced automated time card calculator, Clockify gives you the option to streamline your work hours calculations and reduce the number of errors. You can manually select the point when the calculator begins counting your work hours as overtime — after 8h/day, 40h/week, or custom. But, if you've never used a time card calculator before, you might not be aware of all the options that come with it. Add breaks to enter hours for both morning and afternoon shifts.

  • My company counts OT HRS only after completion of regular HRS ex.
  • A time card or timesheet calculator is used for recording the start and the end of an employee’s working hours.
  • Inputs were developed in a way that you can quickly move between days without needing to reach for the mouse.
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  • The drop down menu shows the correct number of days per month, but to add the data it shows only 29.

Click on Print to take a hard copy of the timesheet. You can also email the timesheet to your inbox, download to the hard disk, or just save it for later use. With Homebase, you can see labor costs and projected overtime rates by location, department, or employee. This is especially useful if you have a supervisor working in multiple stores. Being able to calculate overtime hours and total hours worked will help you when it comes to providing an accurate pay rate for all employees.

Look beyond the basic time card calculator. Explore Replicon’s state-of-the-art Time Intelligence® suite.

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